Special Edition: Radiant Rainbow Crystal Pedestal Display Stand (16 Hexagon Pedestals)

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This stand has 16 pedestals. Each individual pedestal is roughly  1-3/4″ Wide X 1.5″ High (7/8″ sides).

Give each of your crystals and tumbled stones the attention it deserves, regardless of its size. This unique display stand comes in a variety of colors, and measures roughly 10.5" x 5" x 5.25". There are 16 hexagon shapes pedestals.  You can fit 16-32 crystals on this stand, depending on the size of the crystal. There are Merino Wool blend felt hexagon pads on each pedestal (not glued), as well as a felt footer, which is glued to the bottom.

*Display stands are made to order. It will take ~24 hours to create your stand, before it is ready to ship.*

Every display stand takes over 15 hours to make, and is custom printed using special PLA material (derived from corn and sugar cane). PLA is 100% biodegradable and is considered earth friendly, unlike other plastics.

Notes about this item:
Please note that due to the nature of 3D printing the surface of your item will not be 100% perfectly smooth. I do my best to make your item professional quality, but you will see some layer lines or minor bumps/imperfections. However, I feel this adds to the character and individuality of each product. 

There may be some color differences between one monitor to the next.

Please note that this listing does not include the tumbled stones or crystals.