Oddity Tarot Vinyl Stickers


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This is for a set of vinyl stickers. Five of the most popular cards from the Oddity Tarot: Major Arcana Deck are updated into beautiful sticker designs, backgrounds removed, so the artwork stands out. The result are these amazing stickers that will brighten up anything you stick them on.

The 5 stickers available are:

  • The Lovers (Size: 2.26" x 3.6")
  • The Moon (Size: 2.3" x 4.06")
  • Strength (Size: 2.28" x 4")
  • Judgement (Size: 2.14" x 4.06")
  • The Fool (Size: 2.38" x 3.96")

These stickers are printed by a reputable company. They are durable, weatherproof, and dishwasher safe. Each sticker is printed on a thick, scratch-resistant vinyl with a protective laminate that is designed to withstand exposure to wind, rain, snow, and sunlight. They are fade resistant for 3 - 5 years.

Make sure the surface you plan to adhere the sticker to is clean before applying. These aren't movable decals and aren't able to be re-positioned.

They'd make great stickers for you laptops, phone, windows, bumpers, school binders, books, journals, snowboards, and more. Really whatever you can think of.

*Not responsible for any damage caused by the stickers.