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I absolutely love the colors and the feel of this deck! It arrived far faster than I anticipated and the stickers are AMAZING!!!


This is the first Oracle deck I had genuine interest in and I’m so satisfied with my purchase. The art, the quality of the cards, the unique inventive addition of the die, the art.


So first off, the package arrived basically early, which was really nice. As well as that, I was one of the people that backed the original kickstarter for a friend, but I liked it so much I wanted my own and just like the first time, it meets my every expectation.


Excellent quality cards and I love the RW image interpretations. OddMixMarket shipped quickly and safely.


Wow! What a stunning deck! Such incredible art work! I LOVE the fact it didn't come with a book either. It's solely based on intuition! I will absolutely be back for more! High quality, beautiful packaging, and the box it comes in is perfect for storage. 12/10 recommend!