Exquisite Familiars ULTIMATE Collection Bundle

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This listing is for The Exquisite Familiars: Ultimate Collection Bundle which includes all of the following:
1x Exquisite Familiars Set
1x Set of Magnets Sheets (10 Heads and 10 Tails)
1x Set of Vinyl Sticker Sheets (10 Heads and 10 Tails)
1x Spread Cloth

From the same strange mind that created the mysterious Lucky Potion Oracle and the bizarre Oddity Tarot, comes an all new, immersive oracle deck experience inspired by Exquisite Corpses (a children's drawing game), Witch Familiars, and Legacy-Style Gaming. You'll encounter magical creatures that will impart Wisdom, Guidance, and Daily Affirmations.

In Legacy-style gaming, any decision made during a game is permanent, and affects all future games. I wanted to take this idea and apply it to theLegacy Handbook. So, I carefully designed the book so that it could be customized. This book is meant to be written in! Use a permanent marker because your choices are permanent. Name your Familiars, and choose your Wisdom and Affirmations. The Handbook is double coil-bound on each side, so that the pages can flip out from the center, allowing you to match the cards you pulled for your daily guidance. The book is 7" x 7" when closed and 14" x 7" when open.

Lore and Wisdom written by Judy Black
Affirmations written by Holly Adams Easley





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