Exquisite Familiars Vinyl Sticker Sheets


There are 2 sticker sheets per order. The outer dimensions of each sticker sheet is 7"x7". You will get 10 Exquisite familiars to mix and match. 

Are your stickers weatherproof?

Yes, your stickers are weatherproof. They're able to withstand exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. All of our stickers are printed on premium vinyl with a permanent adhesive and are coated with a protective laminate that makes them super durable and resistant to fading, scratching, tearing, oil, and water. They can even be safely run through a dishwasher.

Your stickers' durability will vary based on surface placement, care, weather conditions and exposure. Depending on these variables, they are designed to be fade-resistant for 1-3 years.

*Does not include the deck. This listing is for stickers only.

***If you are planning on purchasing Exquisite Familiars as well as these Sticker Sheets, please use the Add-On feature in the Exquisite Familiars Listing.

Using the Add-On feature for this listing will save you more than if you added this item separately to your cart***