Lucky Potion Oracle


The ALCHEMY Expansion Pack is now available as an Add-On - Read on for more info.

From the Creator of Oddity Tarot comes a 44-Card Guidance Deck Exploring a Mysterious Dreamworld Filled with Potions & Magic.

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If you're a fan of tarot decks, oracle cards, dice-rolling, incredible art, or just a unique way to experience guidance and self-reflection, you’ll love Lucky Potion Oracle.

Each set includes:
  • 44 Hand-Drawn Guidance cards (3.5" x 3.5")
  • Custom 6-sided Die
  • Handbook (For the Currently Curious)
  • Certificate of Authenticity (signed and numbered by me)
  • Dice-rolling mat (4.5" x 9"
  • Beautiful Custom 2-Piece Box

You could use the cards intuitively, or use this very special unique mechanic - a dice and a decision. Each card contains a different potion bottle with a crystal stopper. Decide if you want to drink the potion yourself, share it, or throw it. If you need help deciding, roll the special 6-sided die included in each set. Then, find the vivid interpretations by Author Judy Black.

Please also check out our Lucky Potion Oracle Companion Listing to go along with your New deck! It's a coloring book, weekly planner, notebook, goal setter, water tracker and more!


There is an option to add the Expansion pack plus the Neoprene Storage Bag.

There is a second option to add on the ALCHEMY Expansion pack, plus the accessories pack which includes:

The Neoprene Storage Bag

The Companion Book

The 6 Durable Vinyl Stickers

The Spread Cloth