Oddity Tarot - Second Print Run


Oddity Tarot is a beautiful 24-card Major Arcana deck, illustrated by Richard Howdy, Jr. These vivid cards, with their elaborate imagery, come in a beautiful, smooth, two-piece rigid box featuring the card back image on the front. These cards combine tattoo elements with side-show freaks and carnivalesque oddities, to create a truly unique deck. See if you can find all the connections between the cards. 

The 400gsm cards roughly measure 2.75"x4.75" with rounded corners, and have a linen texture with satin finish.

This listing is for the second print run for Oddity Tarot. There are three differences between the first and second print run:

  1. The cards are no longer black-core; they are now white-core, which allows for a thicker card.
  2. Card stock has increased from 310gsm to 400gsm, this thicker stock feels studier and more luxurious in your hand.
  3. The original two-piece box was nice, but fit a bit loose for some. The new box lid now has a tighter fit.

Optional thick "Eye of the Storm" spread cloth also available. This "Eye of the Storm" ultra-wide cloth measures ~29.5" x 17.5"

Guidebook not included; cards are designed to be used intuitively.