25 Split Starfish

25 Split Starfish

25 Split Starfish

Stella partitus


The common name of the partitus, the starfish, combines the stars from above with the fish living deep in the ocean. A merging of the celestial and the earthly exists in this strange, beautiful familiar. Scientists often use partitus to train new scientists, to bring an earthly understanding to the magical world of Biology and Science.

Often found along beaches, the Stella is an abundantly common familiar with amazing abilities that only surface when a traumatic iniury occurs. If a Stella loses a limb through an attack or an accident, it can regrow an entire new body, creating two creatures from one, Scientists hope to harness this ability for humans to allow regrowth of limbs or even entire bodies.

WISDOM (Heads):

  1. To live, to create, and to thrive is to share your own inner wonder with the earthly world around you. Embrace that you are a combination of an unknown world and a known material world. You exist in the strange, beautiful harmony of mundane and magic.
  2. Existing in two different realities allows you to reposition your perspective at will. You posses the power to walk the line between day-to-day moments and magical extraordinary events. Shift your view to keep seeing magic everywhere.

WISDOM (Tails):

  1. Traumatic feelings linger long after the event has ended. It leaves a mark on the body that is not always visible to the eye. You, however, are like the Stella. The pain of trauma has allowed you to regrow into someone new, someone stronger, someone braver. 
  2. Accepting the fact that life can be altered by a single moment of pain, challenges you. Resisting this only stunts your opportunity to grow and move forward. You may never be the same again, but that will be alright in time. Just like the Stella. you regenerate through what has hurt you and become something altogether new.


  1. I am both ethereal and mundane. Understanding both aspects allows me to see my beauty always.
  2. I shift my reality--always focused on the magic of the moment and the magic of the world.


  1. I transform my past pain into confident strength when I allow myself to acknowledge my loss.
  2. My ability to regenerate and move forward is unmatched and the key to my self understanding.

Artist's Thoughts:

The common name I call my familiar: Starry / Nightshade

The Wisdom I'd choose:

Heads: 1

Tails: 1

The Affirmations I'd choose:

Heads: 2

Tails: 1

This reminds me of exploring the rocks on the beach as a child. I'd find a starfish and put it in a bucket, bring it home and try to keep it as a pet, changing its water many times per day. Unfortunately, I realize now that was a mistake: taking the starfish out of its natural habitat. (I didn't know any better as a kid). In any case, this starfish reminds me to remember my past/childhood as I look forward to the future. there can be a sort of disconnect there, since there is a lot of my past that I try to forget (growing up as a gay kid). Separating yourself from past traumatic events is possible, but they will always be there, following silently behind you. Maybe it's time to face some of those difficult times so that you can move forward without unresolved emotional stuff going on. 

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