33 Electric Mirror

33 Electric Mirror

33 Electric Mirror

Electricae speculum


While the creature is named after a mirror because of its shape, the reflective properties of the speculum are debated among scientists. The silver-coated glass torso produces reflections that are not 100% accurate. Scientists speculate there is distortion within the creature affecting this glass, but why some images are more or less distorted is still not understood.
The Electricae has a unique defensive property allowing it to zap anything that touches it with a jolt of electricity. Depending on the amount of energy stored in the mirror (and how threatened it feels), the jolt can range from a minor shock to a deadly blast. If an Electricae discharges too much energy at once, it loses the ability to move and becomes an easy target for predators.

WISDOM (Heads):

  1. Life moves so quickly, you can unknowingly lose sight of yourself. Spend time to take hard look at yourself and make sure you recognize the reflection staring back at you.
  2. Like a funhouse mirror, seeing the world with a different shape can unlock new ways of experiencing life. You have the potential to see past how things are to what they could be.

WISDOM (Tails):

  1. Energy makes the world spin on and keeps you moving forward. In the chaos of the world, it can be easy to lose sight of the simple energy restorations of self-care. Protect your own energy and it will protect you.
  2. Determining where to spend your energy will shape the direction of your life. Think about how you spend yours and if it goes towards the things that matter. Engage in the work that drives you, not on the things that drain you.

Affirmations (Heads):

  1. I can truly see myself because I put in the time and effort required to to recognize my purest self.
  2. My understanding of what has happened and what is yet to come allows me to mold my experiences and the experiences of those I love.

Affirmations (Tails):

  1. I protect and restore my energy and myself. I expend my energy appropriately and carefully.
  2. My ability to determine what to push myself towards allows me to go further and make even more of a difference.

Artist Thoughts:

The common name I call my familiar: Electric Mirror / Of Judgement 

The Wisdom I'd choose:

Heads: 2

Tails: 2

The Affirmations I'd choose:

Heads: 2

Tails: 2

This familiar is based on the Judgement card from Oddity Tarot, as well as my tattoo. Sometimes judgement is internal, and we must remind ourselves that it isn't necessary. It can also be seen as a sort of evil-eye force - deflecting the judgement from others, back onto them. In other words, it can be a reminder to be kinder to ourselves, and can also be a protection against others' negativity.

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